After 4 incredible years, I have mustered up the courage to make my own blog. Ever since I got into university reading blogs was one of my pastimes and up to these days this has always been my desire.  I was reading a book waiting for myself to get sleepy when suddenly it popped on my mind, hopped unto my bed, grabbed my laptop and decided to create a blog.

This blog will serve as an outlet for me to vent the feelings I could not share to anyone. It is not that I have these raging feelings towards the world. I just want this blog to function as my online memoir and let my memories stay forever with me and be easily accessible to anyone. As this well-known mantra says “follow what your heart wants and it will set you free”. I have to do what feels right in my heart. It feels like now is the right time for me to let it out.


 Even though I have no earthly idea what is going to be this blog’s forte, here I am shamelessly writing my first post.  Speaking about that, my mind is troubled with a lot of things and I could not think of anything relevant right now.  My hands keep telling me to hit that button and publish, but my mind would not just cooperate. This is going nowhere and I need to stop here. I believe this is enough.


See you real soon!




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