It’s quite a shock to see that she’s wearing dress. I know her, she’s not the type to wear those to work. But yknow, we have those times when we wanted to pull something different from our norm. It was her time to shine. I immediately dragged her to the next room, which was empty and decided to take pictures of her. At first, she was hesitant but eventually gave in to my pleading.

[ quaint dress that surprisingly features her body, light blue scarf with her platform sandals ]

I mean dresses are uncomfortable… well, for me. I remember the time when I was forced to wear dress, it was supposed to be a happy day but I was itching to get that dress off me because it was too short. I would never wear them for work or street fashion… unless really needed. Anyway, I had a brilliant idea by simply seeing her in that lovely dress.

You might actually wonder, where the hell did I get those balloons, if this shoot was impromptu. Indeed it was! The balloons were actually from the last surprise we had for our group leader. So yeah, instant photo shoot! It gives off melancholic effect in the photos. I feel like I personally set up the place for this shoot. *wide grin*

Model: Jho

velle / Location: Next to our office building / Photo: Geraldine


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