Through the years, the Korean Pop industry has undergone dramatic transformations in its physical appearance, concepts, music and so forth. I’ve been a fan of kpop for more than 6 years. I’ve seen the old groups disband and new groups spread like wildfire. It is crazy how much everything has changed nowadays, but we can’t do anything about it. We need to change-up with the times, I suppose.

This mini collection of mine has been an effective stress reliever tool for me. I sometimes look at my albums and wonder where did I get the huge amount of money invested on these. I don’t even know!  I didn’t really intend to collect them but since I can’t go to concerts; mainly because I was too far from the cities they’re visiting. So I decided to spend them mostly on kpop merchs. Tbh, this was quite an accident turned into semi-addiction. My parents are against this collection. They just can’t help it, aha! For one year I have kept my cds in the lowest part of my cabinet, hiding it from them. I’m afraid they might burn my babies. *sobs sobs*

Here is the breakdown of the albums that I own:

This was the first album that I ever bought. Ukiss is one of the reason why I’m into kpop and one of the group that I followed rigorously. I was so hooked to “Bingeul Bingeul”. I just needed to have it. It was so catchy, it got me so crazy. The full album was a bop. All the songs inside it, was real bop. I don’t even understand how ukiss songs never got into charts.

These albums aren’t from my bias groups. I had more albums before but I decided to give and sell them away since they take so much space on my closet. I also needed extra money to buy new ones for block b and b1a4, aha. Who can forget EXO’s debut album? I was so crazy back then that I purchased the two versions and up until now, I couldn’t just give these two albums away. I got yixing and kai photocards but traded kai for minseok. *snickers , snickers*

This is my favourite, out of all. It is LUNAFLY‘s Fly To Love album. It’s so damn colorful and attractive. It was release on April 3, 2013. It has two cds, one for the korean songs and english versions. Aren’t they so generous to make english versions for all the songs? They also do song covers from time to time.

I usually buy my albums from online facebook shops in our country. I would really like to purchase them from kpopmart or kpoptown, but I don’t have PayPal or credit cards. It’s quite pricey getting them from online shops on Facebook but that’s my only choice.

From mid 2016, I decided to collect albums only from my bias groups which are block b and b1a4. I have all their albums, except for those japanese releases. I am trying to collect all their special edition albums and their concert albums too.

In my next blogpost, I’ll be listing my playlist for KHH and underated KPOP songs that I want to share with you guys. I must to let you know these awesome songs, because they are glorious.





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    1. Oh, thank you so much for your thoughts. I bet you have more albums, especially BTS, aha.

      I like your blogpost because you actually took time to share your insights about BTS recent comeback but no Jin 😥


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