Lately, I’ve been feeling so unproductive. As I am writing this post, I feel like, my life has been on pause. I feel like, I didn’t achieve anything in my life. I feel like, I am not doing the right thing. I feel like an ant, losing its track. It’s the worst feeling you would have ever imagine. You wake up in the morning and stare at your bedroom’s ceiling, asking yourself this question “what have I accomplished yesterday?” If your answer is nothing, you need to get up immediately and do better. If you have an answer, then you are probably doing it right.

My work is a routine, a big cycle of routine. I have the same schedule on a daily basis and the same set of work that I need to finish. Actually, everything is a routine. From the moment, I wake up; from the time I eat my lunch until I set my foot out of our front gate. I think it’s one of the factors why I have reached this part of contemplation. I have come to conclude that I am utterly productive when I’m sad. I am the opposite; I get all the positive vibes when I am kind of feeling down. I tend to think of things that I must do to cheer up and set those goals in mind. Later on, I’ll found out that I have completed the goal without knowing. It is rewarding for me since I was too oblivious about the thing that I had accomplished. I am not quite sure if it only happens for me, but I think I am not the only one.

There are some days where you feel like slacking, when you feel like not working, when you feel like crumbling beneath your sheet and you just heave a deep sigh. We all have those days. Don’t feel guilty about those moments, cherish them and make them your means of changing your dreadful habits. It might be time to re-evaluate things. When I’m feeling unproductive, I put away whatever work I am currently doing and close my eyes for a bit. I can maybe slouch on the sofa or lean on my desk. I try to clear my mind out, organize my thoughts and breathe in.

Here are some ways to inspire your own self when things are getting out of hand:

  1. Examine yourself. Be familiar with the things that you want.
  2. Set realistic goals that are within your boundary. Never set them too high. Remember you are making them for yourself, if you know that it is beyond your limit then do not pursue it.
  3. Listen to music. Music will boost your mood and even clears your mind. I suggest that you listen to instrumentals of your favorite songs.
  4. Take a walk. Go out and stroll to a place near you or open the window in your room and enjoy wonderful scenery. It is better to ride your bike, if you own one and enjoy the nature. It will surely ease the twinge in your heart.
  5. Smile. Flash a big smile on your face.

The greatest thing you may possibly ever do to stop yourself feeling this way is to look at the brighter side of life. It’s not about getting it all done. It’s not about the things that you finished for the day. Some things are not meant to be rushed. It can be the little things that you have done or might be the small changes that happened with you. We determine productivity in different ways and on numerous levels. We need to know what productivity means to us personally, for us to identify that we are being productive in the process. In fact, there’s a lot of way to find inspiration. There’s always a new day to start with.

Gear up and change your game.


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