will be having my new monthly blog series now. Hooray! I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the other bloggers. Well, I’m actually far different from them since I’m not a fashion blog or whatsoever but I thought that it would be in fact really nice to have a wrap up of the things that happened in each month. This is actually a pretty tough decision for me but yeah… It wouldn’t be just an addition to my blog but it will serve as an aide memoire for me. You know those moments, where you want to go down the memory lane.

This wrap up post will consist of FOUR categories; the wrap up of the events, monthly favorites, recommendation corner and plans for next month. I will be providing this post with some pictures and details. So, to state the obvious this will be my first wrap up for this year. I solemnly hope that I would be able to keep track of this every end of the month. This will take a lot of work to do but I’m sure it’s going to be exciting. Without further ado, let’s get down to the list.

[ please excuse my lame editing skills, these were all done half an hour minus the thorough search for acceptable pictures. It has been two years since i got my hands on bloody photoshop. it literally took me 6 minutes to figure out how freaking resize the picture to 200px and plan for the layer where in 10 pictures would fit. i was hella confuse with canvas size and image size. i forgot that in reality the crop tool was the real answer to my misery. i’ll get back to this post and make a reasonable edit soon. ]


#1. Meeting my GIRLFRIEND for the first time – This episode of my life is the spotlight of this month. We dated for 6 months before we were able to see each other in HD. The distance was too much to bear. No more pouting on video call for kisses, no more virtual hugging and doing pinky promises trying to fit our faces and pinky fingers on our phone screens, no more imagining of how would it feel if we were beside each other. You know the feeling of meeting someone you’ve been longing to meet. It’s really amazing to be able to see and touch her. I am actually planning to dedicate a post about this. I am just editing the draft that I made.

#2. Photo shoots – I’ve been having photo shoots with my friends lately. I don’t even know if I’m allowed to call it photo shoots because they’re not models and I’m not even a good photographer, lmao. Here’s basically the deal: They want me to take picture of them for their aesthetic insta and facebook feed and I like to take picture of them because it’s my way of improving better. I’m more into landscape photography but I need to learn taking portraits too, aha.

#3. Team Building – Our team decided to have our annual retreat. It was held last March 25, 2017 at Greenville Resort. It was just a normal gathering with the complete members. Since, it is summer; we agreed to have a good time at a pool nearby. The food was seriously amazing. ADOBO. ADOBONG PAA NG MANOK (chicken feet adobo) MY FAVORITE.

#4. Blog Revamp – I’ve had this blog ever since May 2015. I recently just had the time to get serious with this. I also noticed that there were other people who read my blog beside me. I was kind of conscious about my blog content and finally decided to put more effort on this. This requires a good deal of thought and time. I’m not that creative and persevere but let’s see how far will I go for this…

#5. Dada’s 60th Birthday – To be honest, I wasn’t able to celebrate his birthday with my family and relatives. I had work and couldn’t just file an immediate leave. I needed a week to notify my managers. They told me, we’re going to celebrate it on weekends but they suddenly changed it. I was just able to greet him on facebook. He’s my uncle, my mom’s eldest brother. I’m really close with him, so missing this episode of his life is kind of sad for me. I hope I’ll have more time to create memories with him. Hopefully we’ll eat out on our favorite restaurant this Saturday.


#6. Yoko Sunscreen for Face – It is so fantastic! This mini review will be coming from someone who doesn’t know the basics of makeup. I don’t really wear makeup or apply beauty products on my face. Ever since last month, my mom bombarded me with a lot of beauty products; from sunscreens to foot powder. I have tried products that I have never seen before. Thanks to my mom! If you’re too cool to own million of products or apply layers of makeup on your face, this sunscreen is the only thing you need. With this product having SPF 50, then you’re on the go. It won’t really cover your scars or acne. It only protects you from the sun, which is the usual job of all sunscreen. If you want detailed insights of this product, check her honest review. Shout out to her for the picture. I didn’t asked permission from her. I hope she won’t get mad for it. 🙂

#7. MAC Lipstick 08 – We are obliged to wear slight makeup for work. The thing that I like about this lipstick is I can just dab a small amount of it and I can instantly get a bright red color. I don’t really smudge it on my lips, I just dab it lightly. I’m afraid I might look weird if I apply too much of it. It doesn’t get easily washed off too, so if you like eating as much as I do. Then this is for you!

#8. Black Chuck Taylor – This pair of shoes is everyone’s favorite. You can never go wrong if you have this pair, you can basically match it with everything. Unleash your creativity with this cool pair, you can either wear them with jeans, skirts or dresses, just be extra careful. It is stylish, monochromatic and simple, aside from that they’re super comfy. You can go from chic, preppy, street fashion style, hipster, classic style, lazy style and to whatever style you want.


#9. Block B’s Yesterday – This song is really good, not just because it’s a Block B song (bias bias bias bias bias). It has a refreshing beat that is really suited for summer vibe. It is definitely upbeat but there’s something more to it. I just can’t explain it. Pardon me; I’m not an expert or anything, so yeah. Please take your time listening to this song. The song is very catchy and the video is cute and fun, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

#10. Bates Motel – This show is incredible. I am so hook with it. There is something about Norman Bates that is awfully strange. He is such a cute psycho. Dang! Fun fact: He is the cute kid you saw in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Let’s cut the crap, if you want to know more about this series. You should check it out!


I am planning to meet my girlfriend again.


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