We exist in a world packed with stress, change, overflowing demands and tricky things. Our lives have now depended on the help of technology, where people consult everything over the internet for guidance and answers to life’s question. I would be lying if I tell you that I am not doing this. Yes! I do, but not to the point that I rely everything on it. The ways of life has change, everything has change. We are living in the generation of microchips and modems. You can make one click and make things happen. So, why not make this happen involving money?

Who doesn’t want to gain money in just a blink of an eye? Who doesn’t? Everyone wants to have it in the easiest way. It is interesting to note that most of us might consider having the new technique. They are ditching the traditional method of earning money. They have thought of some tricky ways to collect money from certain people. I am talking about those money site scams and money engaged networking groups. There has been lots of crime concerning about money with the use of technology as their major tool.

One night, my cousin told me about this site (which I won’t mention) for making money. She told me the things I needed to do to make my own account. First, is to sign up as most of the accounts require. Second, is to share the links (your account’s link to your friends and let them click/visit it.) Third, is to wait until your money reaches 400$ because each click/visit is equivalent to 20$. Fourth, is to withdraw your cash after you achieved 400$ or any desired amount. The thing is, my mother became a member and tried to convince me about it. If you are oblivious about the hidden agenda they’re aiming at you, then you might think it’s actually a great thing.  Some are lured into committing illegal ways to obtain money. It is absolutely crazy, what people can do to accumulate the stuffs they desire. Isn’t it funny? We get interested in these things amidst of how risky it is. We all want easy peasy money, so we take the risk and plunge into the abyss of misery not minding the results of our actions.

I am likely sure that many have tried these scam sites but I strongly advise you not signing up for this shit. In the first place, this site is not even realistic. I could even make a new post and list all the suitable reasons why it isn’t credible. My mom is convinced that it’s an excellent idea but I’m deeply skeptical. And, I will remain skeptical about it. If you feel like the situation is too good to be true then get out of it. It’s the most exact clue that you’re being scammed or likely going to be scammed.

People nowadays are so obsessed with social networking sites. The amount of concern about the personal information and pictures being shared on the internet is rapidly increasing. After you upload your picture to the internet, you have lost control of it. It can be altered and distributed in any way without your consent. The distributed information that was once publicized in our social media accounts might be used against us or this is where identity theft happens. We must be extremely careful in choosing the things that we want share. Be sure to not overexpose yourself or else you would regret it. You cannot take back what you shared on the internet. Share only what is enough.

Let us all be vigilant.
THINK before you CLICK.


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  1. Dear friend,

    I also advise you not take part in such shady deals – better is to earn money by the sweat of your own efforts – fast-earning money is surely not a good thing if it is done on the shoulders of other people. Good that you also came to this conclusion 🙂

    All the best, dear friend

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